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Visa And Immigration

Visa And Immigration

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A-1 – Diplomat (외교)

A-2 – Government Official (공무)

A-3 – Treaty (협정)

B-1 – Visa Exempted (사증면제)

B-2 – Tourist/Transit (관광통과)

C-1 – Short-Term News Coverage Activities C-1  (일시 취재)

C-2 – Short-Term Business Visitor (단기상용)

C-3 – Short-Term General (Tourist) (단기종합)

C-4 – Short-Term Employment (단기취업)

D-1 – Cultural/Artist (문화예술)

D-2 – Student (유학)

D-3 – Industrial Trainee (산업연수)

D-4 – General Trainee (일반연수)

D-5 – General News Coverage Activities/Journalist (취재)

D-6 – Religious Visitor/Missionary (종교)

D-7 – Employee of Foreign-Invested Company/Supervisor (상사주재)

D-8 – Corporate/Foreign Investor  (기업투자)

D-9 – International Trade and Management (무역경영)
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D-10 – Job Seeking Visa (구직비자)

E-1 – University Professor (교수)

E-2 – Foreign Language/ English Conversation Teacher  (회화지도)

E-3 – Researcher   (연구)

E-4 – Technical Instructor (기술지도)

E-5 – Professional Consultant  (전문직업)

E-6 – Entertainer (예술흥행)

E-7 – Specially Designated Profession (특정활동)

E-8 – Employed Trainee (연수취업)

E-9 – Non-professional Employment  (비 전문취업)

E-10 – Vessel Crew (내항선원)

F-1 – Visiting or Joining Family (방문동거)

F-2 – Long-Term Resident  (거주)

F-3 – Accompanying Spouse (동반)

F-4 – Overseas Korean (재외동포)

F-5 – Permanent Foreign Resident (영주)

F-6 – Foreign Spouse (국민의 배우자)  – replaces F-2- 1 visa

G-1 – Others/Miscellaneous

H-1 – Working holiday (관광취업)

H-2 – Working visit (방문취업 제)


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