Home Trending Trending in Korea: Younger Sister Gets Kicked Out (English Transcript)

Trending in Korea: Younger Sister Gets Kicked Out (English Transcript)

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Warning! Contains very strong language

Alittle background to help you understand the story. Ilbe is an extremely infamous, good-for-nothing far right website where the users bully minorities, make up stories and conspiracies and spread all kinds of hate speech. Megalian (we won’t be linking it to our website), a website for women the sister was on, is like the younger “feminist” sister version of ilbe. It’s a website where extremely sexist and hateful women who disguise themselves as feminists come together and basically spread hate. She was saying all kinds of mean things about her parents there and her brother found out and kicked her out of the house. Did he take it too far by kicking her out? Did she deserve it? Leave comments below

Big brother (oppa)

Pickup the phone



Yonger sister

Is this you?

(sends picture of an anti-men and extremely sexist website for women).

What is that?


I have a keylogger on this computer.

Plus you’re still logged in.

It’s not me (she tries to deny at first)


What in the fuck is this?
Are u fucking crazy?
Just spewing bullshit!
Cursing at dad? Wishing they all die?
Really can’t believe what I’m seeing

So fuck what? You do what you want?
What the fuck is your problem?

Online I can do whatever the fuck I want, don’t butt in.


You’re obviously doing what you want

So fuck what? Fuck mum and dad, they’re always doing
stuff for you, also do I look like your fucking house maid?
That’s why I live there?
You love that don’t you? because they give you everything you want.

You stay home, play with your phone, use the computer and receive allowance from the father you so hate. You use my card and because of your university, we don’t pay bills.
What the fuck are you talking about?

The allowance you receive, you alone receive it. Have I  ever gotten any allowance from them?
You ever bought anything for them?

How the fuck do you know if I have or haven’t?

Also, every time I get home, all this shit is always on me, has it ever been on you?

This is what you spend your time doing right?

Cursing them online and wishing death on them?

Pick up the phone

Pick up the goddamn phone

(Kakao voice call)

I’m gonna tell mum and dad about this.

Don’t fucking contact us again.

You’re an adult, go fend for yourself.

Don’t contact the parents you hate

Why you doing this?

Pick up the goddamn phone

I’m gonna change the pin number of the house door and cancel mum’s card you have.

(She kakao calls him again)

Stop fucking calling

I’m gonna go there.

Let’s talk.

I have nothing to say to you bitch. I’m gonna call the cops
if you come anywhere close to our house

(sends a picture of her things outside)

These are your stuff. Whatever I bought you is mine.

Fuck! You fucking asshole. You’re being a fucking dick, you realise that?


Where do u expect me to sleep?

What do I care about where u sleep?

That’s your business.

Take your stuff and fuck off




I’m so sorry oppa. Pls quit being mad and pick up the phone.

You wanna see me die? I fucked up, i won’t say shit like that about dad anymore.

I won’t do that anymore

Not gonna believe any word you say.

The house is in my name anyway, so do whatever the fuck you want.

Gonna block you now

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