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Trust Nobody: Koreanized Exclusive Interview With Crown J

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We sat down with the artist behind “Trust Nobody”, the recently released Korean hip-hop song by rapper Crown J. Koreanized was invited to his home for an exclusive interview. As soon as we got in, it was easy to get a sense of who Crown J is – neat, tidy and very well organized. With posters of Steve Jobs, T.I, Tupac, Wu-Tang Clan and even Barack Obama hanging all over his house and home office, it was clear hip-hop is a big part of his life.

“I didn’t choose hip-hop, hip-hop chose me” ~ Crown J

Born in Seoul and but growing up in Atlanta, USA, he burst onto the Korean hip-hop scene with his first album One & Only in 2006. Collaborating with Seo Inyoung for the single Too Much, Crown J cemented his place in Korean hip-hop and rap and became a household name. The two of them went on and starred in the highly acclaimed TV reality show “We Got Married”.

We covered a lot for this interview. From his beginnings and how he fell in love with hip-hop, to the Korean rap scene, his new song Trust Nobody, betrayal, love, his court cases from a few years back, future plans and more, so much more. Listen to “Trust Nobody” here. Enjoy the full interview.

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