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Living in Korea: Best Free Apps to Have in Korea

Living in Korea: Best Free Apps to Have in Korea

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Need to chat and socialize? Check out the best social apps in Korea

Living in Korea as a foreigner can be sometimes intimidating, especially if you don’t speak Korean. Regardless of your reason for being in Korea, you’ll find these apps very useful. Here is a list of some of the best and most useful apps for a foreigner in Korea.

Perhaps the most important app for a foreigner in Korea. Naver dictionary has got it all – multiple languages to Korean and vice versa dictionary and translation, daily Korean word vocabulary to help you improve your vocabulary, quizzes, flashcards and more. A definite must have for any foreigner in Korea

Korea’s most famous app, the number one chatting app in Korea and perhaps one of the most used chatting apps in Korea. With over 100 million downloads on just Google play store alone, Kakao has the best video calling app with amazing clarity and superb quality.

Features every line, station, train schedules, and precise travel time, all in English.

There is a reason Naver map is the most used map app amongst Koreans, much more than Google map. Naver map offers more; accurate navigation – both by feet or in your car, up-to-date maps of anywhere in Korea, a call taxi service and a real-time location finder.

If you’re a tourist or planning to visit Korea for a short term, this app is for you. It was made and developed by the Korean government, it offers information on all the cool spots to visit for a tourist. Shopping, museums, palaces, restaurants and more.

For foreigners who speak a bit of Korean and would like to practice your reading and typing skills, this subway app is probably what you need. It’s the most downloaded subway app in Korea, and it’s all in Korean language.

A marketplace to buy and sell used products of every kind – fashion, electronics, shoes, accessories, appliances and even services like ordering a simple portrait. Unlike other shopping apps, some products’ prices on this app are negotiable as you get to talk directly with the seller.  Enjoy shopping.

This is an app for students, business men and women, as well as office workers and professionals. HWP (Hangeul Word Processor) is a Microsoft Word-esque app and it’s used by many Korean companies, businesses and school. Create and edit your HWP files on the go.

I assume foreigners in Korea aren’t strangers to Google translation app. Although Naver dictionary is more accurate and reliable, Google translation app is by no means a push over. It offers many more languages and cool features like picture translation.

Without a doubt the biggest and most famous online shopping market app in Korea, amongst Koreans and foreigners. Without exaggeration, literally, almost everything can be bought on G-market. With their new English version app, you don’t even have to speak Korean language a little to enjoy shopping on G-market. Highly recommended.

This free Korean to English and Korean to Korean dictionary app offers you an alternative to other dictionary apps. Just like Naver dictionary app, it has flashcards to help you learn vocabularies faster, it saves the history of searched words so you never forget whatever you searched for and many other useful educational features.

Not as famous and well known like Kakao, Line offers the same features. Chat, clear video and voice call, voice message and a huge size limit of 120mb per video.

Keep up to date on Korean politics, entertainment, business, sports and every Korean news. This app contains every Korean English newspaper and Korean ones as well if you’d like to test your Korean reading skills.

Just like Daum dictionary down this list, Daum map provides a good alternative to Naver, and just like Naver map, it is very useful finding a location via a precise address

Just like the subway app, this bus app makes life extremely easy for foreigners and Korean locals. Get precise locations, real-time bus schedule and information, calculate distance between routes and bus number, and more

Not as famous as Naver dictionary, Daum dictionary app is a good alternative to have. It provides a different perspective and meanings of Korean vocabulary. Daum dictionary comes in handy when you have to compare different meanings of different vocabularies.

Probably the least famous app among foreigners on this list. Oksusu was made and developed by Korea’s major telecom giant, SK Telecom, it offers live TV for local and foreign channels, all completely free. CNN, Boomerang, SBS Sports, KBS, MBC, Sportv, CCTV and basically every Korean news station, all in crystal clear HD. The app is in Korean but regardless of your Korean language skills, using Oksusu is almost as easy as A, B, C. Almost. Click here for a step by step video of how to register.

For sports lovers especially, Naver Media Player streams live TV and major sports events, like the English Premier League, La Liga, baseball games, Champions league, boxing, UFC  and other pre-recorded shows and live events. For sports fans and football(soccer) fans in particular, Naver Media Player is a must have.

Dabang, the app made famous by Korean music, movie and TV superstar Hyeri, it’s an app for house hunting from the luxury of your bedroom. It allows you to search for detailed housing information – set your deposit fees, rent, location and added information like utilities and whether or not pets are allowed. It comes very handy

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