Home Politics Who Will Be South Korea’s Next President? Take our polls
Who Will Be South Korea’s Next President? Take our polls

Who Will Be South Korea’s Next President? Take our polls

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Winning 48% of the last presidential election, Moon Jae In lost to the recently impeached Park Geun-Hye, and has been ahead in the polls throughout the campaign season. A self described “progressive”, Moon Jae In is being projected as the next South Korean President.

Founder of Ahnlab antivirus, cofounder of the People’s Party, and a current National Assembly member, Ahn Cheol Soo dropped out of the last presidential election with just one month left. He is only behind Moon Jae In and has a real possibility of being the next presdient.

The current Mayor of Seongnam with a good approval ratings among his constituents, Lee Jae Myung, a liberal and one of Park Geun-hye’s biggest critics, plans to reduce the income gap and break up Chaebols, the so-called big family run companies in Korea.

Park Won Soon called himself a “competent innovator” and says he wants to “shake up” the current system. “I’m sure I can be the one to clear up the existing order and introduce a new system”, he said in December.

For our Korean audience, who will you be voting for to be South Korea’s next president? For the rest of our audience, who do you think will become South Korea’s next president? Moon Jae in, Ahn Cheol Soo, Lee Jae Myung or Park Won Soon? Take our polls below and let us know.

? Who will become South Korea’s next president?
Moon Jae-in13 votes ( 54% )
Ahn Cheol-soo8 votes ( 33% )
Lee Jae-myung3 votes ( 13% )
Park Won-soon0 votes ( 0% )
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