Home Politics Interesting Facts: 20 Facts About President Moon Jae-in
Interesting Facts: 20 Facts About President Moon Jae-in

Interesting Facts: 20 Facts About President Moon Jae-in

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Since October last year, former president Park Geun-hye has endured a tumultuous time. From calls to step down from the opposition party to finally getting impeached – making Korean history by becoming the first Korean president to be removed from office – and finally landing in jail as inmate 503.0 President Moon Jae-in, on the other hand, was smiling to the polling booth on election day after every local and international showed poll showed he will become the next President of South Korea. He has been branded the “common man” president for his humility in waiting in line like his rest of his staff at the Presidential Blue House cafeteria and his approval ratings are sky high, but there are lesser known facts about President Moon we thought we’d shine the light on.

In no particular order, here are 20 random facts (with sources) about the current Korean President, Moon Jae-in.

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1. President Moon has been sweetheart with his wife since their college days 1

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2. Moon’s parents fled the north(now known as North Korea) during the Korean War and still has relatives in North Korea 2

3. He still dreams of going and someday returning to his home in North Korea. In his book, he wrote, “I was thinking I wanted to finish my life there in Hungnam doing pro bono service.” “When peaceful reunification comes, the first thing I want to do is to take my 90-year-old mother and go to her home town.” 3

4. He wrote in his autobiography that his father worked at a prisoner-of-war camp while his mother sold eggs in Busan. 4

5. He supports the reunification of North and South Korea. In the campaign trail, he said “The North and South shared one language and one culture for thousands of years before they were divided only 70 years ago. Ultimately, we should reunite .” 5

6. He was arrested and sent to Seodaemun Detention Center in Seoul – where he met his wife, Korea’s First Lady, Kim Jung Sook – and eventually expelled for organizing a students’ protest against former president Park Geun-hye’s father, Park Chung Hee’s dictatorial regime 6

7. President Moon, along with his wife Kim Jung Sook, are alumni of Kyunghee University 7

8. He was friends and partner with former president Roh Moo-hyun and they opened a law firm, focusing on human rights 8

9. After Roh was elected president, he made Moon one of his top aides and Chief of Staff 9

10. Moon was deeply affected by the death of his friend Roh in 2009 and wrote in his memoir, “When I drink a little, I sometimes recall my old days. Then I ask myself: ‘What does Roh Moo-hyun mean in my life?’ “He really defined my life. My life would have changed a lot if I didn’t meet him. So he is my destiny.” 10

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Roh Moo Hyun's funeral

11. After his election, fulfilling one of his campaign pledges, he reversed and scrapped the government issued history textbooks mandated by the now impeached Park Geun-hye. His administration called it “outdated and one-sided.” 11

12. He was featured on the May edition cover of Time Magazine as “The Negotiator” 12

13. After finishing law school with excellent result, he enrolled for a judgeship program and came in second, yet was denied judgeship because of his history with activism 13

14. Keeping a campaign promise, President Moon Jae-in adopted Tory, Korea’s “first dog”, who was saved from a dog meat farm 14

15. He’s a Catholic and was baptized with the name “Timothy” 15

16. He has an amazingly high approval rating of 75.3% 16

17. During the presidential campaign, he made news and received backlash from Korea’s LGBTQ community when he said he doesn’t support homosexuality but supports equal rights for all. 17

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18. He plans to raise Korea’s minimum wage to 10,000 won by 2020. 18

19. He has repeatedly said he is willing to meet North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un for peace talks 19

20. President Moon Jae-in has two kids, a son – Moon Joon-yong –  and a daughter – Moon Da-hye 20

Have we left out anyinteresting moon jae-in facts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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