Home Korea Life Park Geun-Hye, Choi Soonsil, J.Y. Lee Scandal – Full Timeline
Park Geun-Hye, Choi Soonsil, J.Y. Lee Scandal – Full Timeline

Park Geun-Hye, Choi Soonsil, J.Y. Lee Scandal – Full Timeline

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Scandal broke
First apology

News of the scandal broke after Korean TV giant JTBC found an encrypted tablet computer containing many classified documents belonging to Choi Soon- Sil in an abandoned office building she once used.

President Park offered her first apology to the nation. “Regardless of the reasons involved, I am sorry this [the scandal] has caused national concerns”, President Park said in a televised apology. She apologized for the “concerns” the scandal has raised without actually taking responsibility for the scandal, which further enraged Koreans. Later that day, after questioning, Choi Soon Sil admits she committed an “unpardonable crime”

Oct 2016
Oct 25th
Second apology
It's Choi Soon Sil's tablet

President Park offered her second apology to the nation. “I feel a huge responsibility for the scandal deep in my heart. It’s all my fault and mistake.” This time it appears she’s taking responsibility but many Koreans were not in a forgiving mood.

After Choi’s denial about owning the tablet, prosecutors concluded, after investigations, “it’s Choi Soon Sil’s tablet”

November 4th
November 20th

Ewha Women’s University expels Chung Yoo-ra, daughter of Choi Soon Sil, after investigations revealed she was given “special treatment”.

The education Office in Seoul annulled the high school graduation certificate of Chung Yoo-ra, daughter of Choi Soon Sil, because they believe her grades and records were “falsified” because of her mother’s friendship with the president.

December 2nd
December 5th
Step down now!

President Park’s presidential powers were suspended

Millions of Koreans took to the street to protest against President Park, asking her to “step down”

December 9th
December 12

Korea’s constitutional court to decide whether to permanently remove President Park from office

Samsung gets roped in. Samsung paid $18million to a firm controlled by Choi Soon Sil which prosecutors suspect is a bribe for a national pension fund that would give Vice Chairman Jae Yong Lee more control.

December 22nd
December 30th
Daughter roped in
Hearings begin

South Korean Police announced the daughter of Choi Soon Sil was arrested in Denmark on charges of meddling in state affairs and illegal stay in Denmark. They also requested her extradition.

The first Impeachment hearings were held without the president present

January 2nd
January 4th
Suspect Lee

Samsung boss J.Y. Lee was named a suspect in the scandal. He said the deals he made were “inappropriate” but not illegal

Samsung continues to deny making financial contributions for political favours.

January 12th
January 17th
Round two

Samsung boss Jay Y Lee summoned for a second round of questioning by prosecutors.

Prosecutors decided they had enough for his arrest and he was arrested.

February 13th
February 17th

The Samsung boss was handcuffed on national TV and taken to jail and locked in a solitary confinement in Uiwang, Southwest of Seoul with an LG TV set.

12 days after his arrested, he was indicted on bribery charges. Pro Park protesters urged the court to reject her impeachment.

February 18th
March 1st

Park Geun Hye became the first President in Korea’s history to be forcibly removed from office. Violence ensued almost immediately with her supporters and unfortunately, two lives have been lost with at least five badly injured. As at the time of this writing, former President Park Geun Hye still hasn’t addressed the nation or released any official statement on her impeachment and is still in the Presidential palace, Blue House, which she needs to evacuate

March 10th

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