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Poll: Why is Kpop So Popular Around the World?

Poll: Why is Kpop So Popular Around the World?

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In 2012, Psy dropped Gangnam and it swept through the entire world. Prominent politicians like Barack Obama, David Cameron and Ban Ki-moon were dancing and grooving to Gangnam style. It was the new dance move everyone was dancing to. Celebrities, tv show hosts, everyone – old and young, in every corner of the world was dancing to this new catchy song. It certainly wasn’t the first time the world was introduced to Kpop but it was the first time many people started to recognize and appreciate Kpop as a major genre in music.

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Boy group BTS has been smashing records on and offline. In May, they became the first Kpop band to win the Billboard Music Award, beating the likes of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Their official Twitter handle became the most followed account in Korea with over 9 million followers in just a couple of months. The international fan bases of other groups like EXO and Twice just keeps growing. Countless awards and sold out concerts with millions of fans everywhere. With Kpop primarily in Korean, many fans have no qualms enjoying their favourite Kpop star or group even if they don’t understand a word of an entire album. It begs the question; why is Kpop so popular around the world? Is it the catchy melodies? The well choreographed dance moves? The fashion style? Is it simply good music?

Please let us know in the poll below. You can select multiple answers. If your preferred answer isn’t listed, leave a comment and let us know why Kpop is so popular around the world.

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? Why is Kpop So Popular Around the World?
It's simply good music
Catchy hooks/melodies
Pretty/handsome idols
Kpop fashion
Nice choreographed dance moves
New and exciting
Others, leave comments below

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