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Learn Korean Language: Yonsei University Korean Language Program

Learn Korean Language: Yonsei University Korean Language Program

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According to most foreigners, Yonsei University language school is probably the best language school in Korea to learn Korean language, especially for beginners looking to learn Korean language. Their most famous language program, the intensive regular program, is split into four categories; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Here, we break down everything you need to know about applying to Yonsei University Korean language program; from eligibility, required documents for application, application process, visa process and exactly what to expect. Meanwhile, if you are looking to learn some quick Korean vocabularies for beginners, click here


For all their language programs, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma. Recent high school graduates with impending graduation/diploma certificate are not eligible to apply.

Required documents

  • A completed application form, of course.
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport (and a Korean alien card if any).
  • A copy of your high school graduation certificate (or the most recent school attended) and transcripts.
  • One passport photo.

For those who wish to apply for a language school D-4 visa, you must provide the following:

  • A bank statement issued in the last 90 days with an account balance of at least 10,000 USD or its equivalent in your home country’s currency.
  • If the statement of account isn’t issued in your name, perhaps a family relative like parents or siblings, you must provide a relationship certificate for both. In other words, a birth certificate of the applicant and another in the name of the bank statement holder.
  • Health insurance proof – not a strong requirement although it is listed on their website.

Applicants from Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru must submit the following:

  • Korean consulate notarized copies of every academic document – due to increase in counterfeit documents from applicants from these countries, Yonsei language school has made notarizing every academic document a top priority and will reject academic documents not notarized by applicants from these countries.
  • A notarized copy of applicant’s birth certificate and that of family sponsor (if any)

Important – They highly recommend applicants avoid submitting their documents separately.

Application fees and tuition fees

  • A non-refundable payment of 80,000 won is required for an application.
  • Tuition fees payment of 1,730,000 Won for the morning and afternoon intensive regular program is required upon receiving an admission/acceptance offer from the school.
  • All payments are to be wired to the school’s bank account.
  • Bank Name: Woori Bank
  • Account Title: Yonsei University – (학) 연세대학교
  • Account Number: KLI will provide you with a personal banking account number
  • Bank Address: Yonsei Campus Branch, 50 Yonsei-ro , Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 120-749
  • Swift Code: hvbkkrse (international transfer only)


  • For students who wish to apply for a visa can apply for a short stay visa – C3 visa, or a language school visa – D4 visa.
  • The school provides no “help” whatsoever in students’ visa application process.

The Korean immigration may request the following documents:

  • A bank statement issued in the last 90 days with no less than 10,000 USD or its equivalent.
  • Admission letter from the school
  • A Korean sponsor (applies only to applicants from a few countries)
  • A sponsorship letter from your Korean sponsor (applies only to applicants from a few countries)

Refund policy

  • Before the date of placement test: 100% Refundable
  • After the placement test but before commencement of class: 90% Refundable
  • During the first week of a term: 70% Refundable
  • After the first week of the term: Non-refundable


The Korean language programs currently being offered at Yonsei University are a regular program, evening program, advanced program, summer special programme, 3 weeks program, the university Korean program and a special requested program. For more information, contact them at:

  • Europe, Americas, Oceania and Africa:
    Lee, Sul-gi (Tel. 02-2123-8553, ysklissp@yonsei.ac.kr)
  • Asian countries except for China and Japan (Including HK, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey and Middle East) :
    Kim, Mikyung (Tel. 02-2123-8550, yskli@yonsei.ac.kr)
  • Chinese Nationalities and Chinese speaking countries:
    Kim, Shin Heay (Tel. 02-2123-3465, ysklicn@yonsei.ac.kr)
  • Japanese Nationalities (including Korean-Japanese):
    Lee, Minhee (Tel. 02-2123-8551, ysklijp@yonsei.ac.kr)

Attendance policy

Yonsei University language school is very strict about their attendance policy. Skipping class 10 times or missing 40 hours (its equivalent) would earn you an automatic F in all categories, no matter how exceptionally good you are. Exceptions can be made for illness or death in one’s family and in such cases, students must provide proof.

Grading policy

Just like their attendance policy, it is imperative you stay active in class and participate in games, questions, and everything else in the classroom as this counts towards your grades, a whopping 20% of them. Their evaluation is as follows:

  • 80% – Midterm 40% + Final 40% – (Speaking 25% / Listening 25% / Reading 25% / Writing 25%
  • 20% – Class participation, comprehension, pronunciation, intonation, etc.

If for any reason you choose to miss, or somehow not able to take any of the two examinations – midterm and final exam – you cannot advanced to the next level.


Each student is required to buy textbooks and a workbook, not included in the tuition fees. The books are available in English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. The prices range from 20,000 – 40,000 won ($17 – $35).

What to expect

  • Teachers and instructors are instructed to ONLY speak Korean language AT ALL TIMES
  • New vocabularies and homework every single day
  • You must be active in class as it counts towards your final grades

What not to expect

  • You can't talk your way out of a bad grade
  • The teachers are nice and friendly but would never break protocols, not even for their best students.
  • Do not expect teachers and instructors to help out on a personal issue

Goodluck on your applications. Leave comments or send us an email if you have further questions.

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