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Living in Korea: What Do Foreigners Love About Korea?

Living in Korea: What Do Foreigners Love About Korea?

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The idea of creating Koreanized was to form a community of people with deep interest in Korea, its people and its culture. To share useful updates for expats and foreigners both in and outside of Korea, and we’ve managed to do that in a short period of time. From its inception, both our website and Facebook page have been able to reach audience in every continent and in every corner of the world and something we take extreme pride in.

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We reached out to citizens of some of the traffic locations of our website and Facebook page and asked them a simple question: what do foreigners love about Korea? Here’s what they had to say, unedited.

Chris Moore ?? – USA, living in Korea – “Korea’s democratic system. Last year, Korea showed the world how powerful and effective a democratic system can be when they successfully removed Park Geun Hye as their president. That gives me hope that one day we can all come together to remove ours [Donald Trump] as president”

Rabten Dorji ?? – Bhutan, living in Korea – “The opportunities available for international students in Korea. The government offers entrepreneurship courses and business classes and a good platform, especially for foreigners. Like at the end of this month, the government is offering business startup studies to foreigners and they also sponsor your visa and financial investment and support if you have a good business idea.”

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Jay Park ?? – United Kingdom, visits Korea regularly – “The food delivery system in Korea. It’s impossible to get 24-hour food delivery in the UK. It’s one of my favourite things about Korea.”

Joy – Philippines ?? – living in the Philippines, never visited Korea before – “I’m thankful for K-pop and K-drama. ‎I’m thankful for BTS (K-pop boy group). They aren’t just a band to me. They are my role models and I look up to them. My dream is to see them in a concert”

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Ali – Pakistan ?? – Student in Korea – “Nightlife in Korea, especially Soju.”

Sarah – Canada ?? – lived in Korea for one year and recently moved back to Canada – “The LGBTQIA festivals in Korea. As a gay woman, it’s nice to see Korea becoming more accepting of diverse sexual orientations. Agreed it’s still a long way to go, but it’s a step in the right direction.”

Kumar Gupta – India ??, living in Korea – “Mud festivals. I’ve never missed a mud festival since I’ve been in Korea. I look forward to it every summer.”

Philip – Germany ??, recently moved to Korea – “I may sound like a freak but one of the things i love most about Korea is love motels literally everywhere and they’re always cheap and affordable. For 30 ~ 40,000 won, you can spend a night a great motel with aircon or heat, free wifi and computer, a bath tub, big comfortable bed and they all offer food deliveries. How great is that?”

We have excluded answers like easy transportation, fast/easy internet access and others listed here. Because we’ve covered those already, we deliberately omitted those answers.

Over to you ladies and gentlemen. What about Korea are you thankful for? We’d love to know. Leave comments in the comment section below

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