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Sewol Ferry Disaster Anniversary: Remembering All The Victims

Sewol Ferry Disaster Anniversary: Remembering All The Victims


On the 16th of April 2014, a ferry carrying more than 400 people, with the majority being students from one high school, Danwon High School, capsized. About 172 people managed to escape and were rescued, while more than 300 innocent lives were lost on that day. There are many theories, none of which we will be addressing now, as to the cause of the accident and whether it could have been avoided. We just want to honour the victims. We managed to get in contact with the school and we were exploring ways we could honour them. Unfortunately, we underestimated how long the process would take and didn’t have enough time to finish the project we were working on. Together with the school, although we were able to speak with some of the survivors, we decided not to interview them on camera.

Nevertheless, through talking with some of the families and our independent research, we have gathered the names and pictures of the victims as a way to remember and honour them. We would also like to wish Gwon Mingyung, Lee Seung Hyun, Park Chaeyeon, Kim Joo-a, Kim Daehyun and Teacher Kim Chowon, six Sewol victims celebrating their birthdays in April, a big and happy birthday.


 # Name Position Picture
 1.Kang Min Gyu Principal – he committed suicide afterwards, after the loss of his students were too much for him to handle. 
 2. Chung Chayong Student 
 3. Park Jiyoung Student 
 4. Gwon Oh Cheon Student 
 5.  Im Kyungbin Student 
 6. Choi Hyejung Teacher 
 7. Lee Da-eun Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 8.Kang HanseolStudent 
 9. Yang DaehongSailor/Cabin crew 
 10. Lee Hyegyung Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 11. Jeon Yongsoo StudentSewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 12. Ahn Junhyuk Student
 13. Kim Joo-a Student
 14. Kim Young Gyung Student
 15. Kim Woongi Student sewol pictures
 16. Choi Yoonmin Student 
 17. Lee Geun Hyung Student 
 18. Nam Yoonchul Teacher 
 19. Kim Hanbyul Student sewol ferry pictures
 20. Kim Jung Hyun Student sewol ferry pictures
 21. Kim Minji Student sewol ferry pictures
 22. Kim Min Suk Student sewol ferry pictures
 23. Kim Gun Woo Student 
 24. Kim Geunho Student 
 25. Kim Dongyong Student 
 26. Kim Subin Student 
 27. Nam Subin Student 
 28. Park Suchan Student 
 29. Yoo Nina Teacher 
 30. Lee Subin Student 
 31. Lee Yunwha Student 
 32. Lee Jihye Teacher 
 33. Lee Hyebong Teacher 
 34. Jeon Chanho Student 
 35. Jung Dabin Student 
 36. Jung Dongsu Student 
 37. Choi Min Suk Student 
 38. Han Goeun Student 
 39. Heo Yurim Student 
 40. Gil Chaewon Student 
 41. Kim Dong Hyuk Student 
 42. Kim Dong Hyup Student 
 43. Kim Bitna Student 
 44. Kim Sihyeon Student 
 45. Nam Jihyeon Student 
 46. Park Suheyon Student 
 47. Park Jung SeulStudent 
 48. Seul Rabi Student 
 49. Yang Ohnyoo Student 
 50. Lee Jaeyook Student 
 51. Lee Hyegyung Student 
 52. Im Yohan Student 
 53. Han SaeyoungStudent 
 54. Hong Sunyoung Student 
 55. Go Yoo Jae Student 
 56. Go Jang Soek Teacher 
 57. Kim Minjung Student 
 58.Kim Seungtae Student 
 59. Kim Yae-eun Student 
 60. Kim Haehwa Student 
 61. Kim Hyunjung Student 
 62. Kim Hyesun Student 
 63. Park Sungyun Student 
 64.Bae Hyang Mae Student 
 65.Lee Hanseol Student 
 66. Lee Hojin Student 
 67. Jo Eunjung Student 
 68. Jo Chanmin Student 
 69.Jin YunHee Student 
 70.Choi Hyunju Student 
 71. Pyun Da-in Student 
 72. Kang SujungStudent 
 73. Kang Shin-ukStudent 
 74. Gu BohyunStudent 
 75. Gook Seung HyunStudent 
 76. Gwon MingyungStudent 
 77.Gwon Soonbum Student 
 78. Kim Gunwoo Student 
 79. Kim Gisoo Student 
 80. Kim DayoungStudent 
 81.Kim Do-unStudent 
 82. Kim Dohyun Student 
 83. Kim Donghyun Student 
 84. Kim Mingyu Student 
 85. Kim Minsoo Student 
 86. Kim Bumsoo Student 
 87. Kim Songbin Student 
 88. Kim Soyeon Student 
 89. Kim Songhee Student 
 90. Kim Sugyoung Student 
 91. Kim Sujong Student 
 92. Kim Sujin Student 
 93. Kim Seul-gi Student 
 94. Kim Young-Eun Student 
 95. Kim Young Chang Student 
 96. Kim Wanjun Student 
 97. Kim Eunji Student 
 98. kim Eunghyun Student 
 99. Kim In-ho Student 
 100. Kim Jaeyoung Student 
 101. Kim Jungmin Student 
 102. Kim Jaehun Student 
 103. Kim Ji-Eun Student 
 104. Kim Jiyun Student 
 105. Kim Ji-in Student 
 106. Kim Jingwang Student 
 107. Kim Choyae Student 
 108. Kim Hyunjung Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 109. Kim Hoyeon Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 110. Choi Hyejung Teacher 
 111. Moon Jisung Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 112. Park Songbuk Student 
 113. Park Songbin Student 
 114. Park Shichan Student 
 115.Park Yongran Student 
 116. Park Young-inStudent 
 117. Park Yeji Student 
 118. Park Jung Eun Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 119. Park  Chung Hun Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 120. Park Juhee Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 121. Park Junmin Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 122. Park Jiwoo Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 123. Park Jiyun Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 124. Park Jiyun Student 
 125. Park Hyesun Student 
 126. Park Honghyun Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 127. Baek Jisuk Student Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures
 128. Ban HayongStudent Sewol Ferry Victims Pictures

Sadly, some names have been left out as we either couldn’t get permission from the families and/or couldn’t find them.

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