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Living in Korea: 10 Things You WILL Love About Korea

Living in Korea: 10 Things You WILL Love About Korea

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Just like our dislike list, enough time, research and over 100 years of personal experience combined on the foreigners consulted were all taken into account before writing this piece. If you haven’t read our list of things you may dislike about Korea, click here. Enough of the negativity. Here are 10 things you absolutely would love about living in Korea.

1. Security – With a terror threat level of just one, the lowest, as noted by The Telegraph, via an official UN report, Korea is one of the safest countries to live in. With its total ban of guns, even among police officials, there is little or no fear about walking the streets of Korea at any time of the day.

2. Excellent Transportation System -After travelling to various continents and a number of countries worldwide, I believe Korea has one of the best and the cheapest transportation system in the world. Every station in major cities like Seoul, Busan and Daejeon has its name in Korean and English, and other languages like Japanese, and Chinese in some. Regardless of your level of Korean, anyone can comfortable ride the subway to and from any destination.

3. Samsung – With Korea being the home of smartphone giants, Samsung, Samsung is a thing of pride for Koreans and foreigners based in Korea. Fortunately, Samsung products aren’t limited to just smart phones. They offer a wide variety of products – electronics, appliances even cars, with a Samsung service centre more than likely less than 2 km from you, a stone throw away, if you live in Seoul.

4. Easy Internet Access – Finding free WiFi everywhere has become so common in Korea that it now seems weird to go to a place with no free WiFi. The whole country is connected and it is extremely rare to find a place in Korea with no internet connection, free or paid. From malls to coffees shops, subway stations and in the trains and buses, finding an internet connection is one of the easiest and best things you’ll love about living in Korea.

5. The culture(and language) – Korean culture is a beauty to behold. The bowing when greeting strangers regardless of age, the highly respectful honorific language used to address elders, the wonderful relationship between the older and the younger, just to name a few, chances are you will love Korean culture. As for the language, Michael Cary, a friend of Koreanized wrote an article about how Hangeul is the easiest alphabet to learn. Although quite a long read, he makes a very compelling argument.

6. The people – Although some Koreans can be very unwelcoming to foreigners, fortunately, over 90~95% of them are extremely welcoming and kind to foreigners. A majority of Koreans will help a foreigner in distress or a foreigner lost on the street. Even with the language barrier, they try their best to help out. Also, foreigners are more likely to get away with things even a Korean native can’t get away with.

7. Korean food – Arguably number one in almost every foreigners’ list of things they love about Korea. I can’t stress enough how incredible good and extremely healthy Korean food is. I am yet to find a foreigner that doesn’t like Korean food.

8. Night Life – When it comes to nightlife, this country never sleeps. Literally! Nightlife in Korea is huge, regardless of the day of the week. If you enjoy drinking, clubbing and hanging out, you will definitely love living in Korea.

9. National pride – On our dislike list, nationalism is top of the list and for good reason too. On the flip side, when nationalism isn’t taken to the extreme, Koreans are so proud of their beautiful country, heritage and culture. Koreans support and cheer for their country in an unbelievable way, way different and stronger than that of other countries. You should see the way Korea celebrates its English Premier League stars. What a thing of joy!

10. Korean kids – The cuteness of Korean kids cannot be overemphasized. A smiling Korean kid is almost guaranteed to turn your bad day into an awesome one. They are full of life, enthusiasm, an overflowing amount of cuteness and above all, always eager to learn. Without taking anything from all the adorable kids around the world, Korean kids are some of the cutest you’ll see around.

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