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Korea College Entrance Exam (수능): 5 Quick Interesting Facts

f you know a thing or two about the education system in Korea, perhaps you’re already familiar with suneung (수능), Korea’s university entrance examination for third grade high schoolers. The importance and emphasis placed on this exam in Korea cannot be overstated. This single exam could determine how bright or bleak their future could be, […]

Studying in Korea: Admission and Application to Korea University

KAIST Scholarship: Study at Korea’s Best Science University For Free

f you know anything about Korea, then you probably have heard of KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. A fairly new university established less than 50 years ago, KAIST continues to grow in reputation worldwide. According to research data from Top University, KAIST is ranked as the best science and technology university in Korea, […]

Korea College Entrance Exam (수능): 5 Quick Interesting Facts

Learn Korean Language: Yonsei University Korean Language Program

ccording to most foreigners, Yonsei University language school is probably the best language school in Korea to learn Korean language, especially for beginners looking to learn Korean language. Their most famous language program, the intensive regular program, is split into four categories; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Here, we break down everything you need to […]

Korea College Entrance Exam (수능): 5 Quick Interesting Facts

Studying In Korea

Korea university Korea University has a 100% English major – International Studies (국제학). If you are interested in International Studies and speak little or no Korean, you’re in luck.  To read more about KU’s Division of International Studies, click here For admission guide, eligibility and admission forms, click here Korea University Language school eligibility, guide and admission form here […]

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