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Korea Life: What Do Koreans Think of Kim Jong Un and North Korea

“Pyongyang will reach the final preparation stages for test-firing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICMB)”, said Kim Jong Un, the leader and dictator of North Korea, on his New Year’s public address. Inevitably, a statement like that is bound to cause worry for the rest of the world. The United States outgoing Defence Secretary Ashton Carter […]

All Donald Trump’s Tweets About Korea Since He Became President

Koreanized : Best and Most Effective Korean Hashtags On Instagram

nstagram or hashtags needs no explanation. According to Facebook Korea, in 2015, Instagram users in Korea grew at a rapid pace, so rapid it grew at the fastest pace worldwide. That tells you everything you need to know about Instagram in Korea and how huge it has become. The importance of adding the right Korean […]

Defamation in Korea: “The truth is not a defence”

Koreanized: Decoding the Most Common Korean Abbreviations

Whether you live in Korea short or long term, or only visiting, or perhaps just love the Korean language, these Korean abbreviations will come in very handy, especially when chatting. Here are some of the most common Korean abbreviations: 1. ㄴㅈ – 남자 – namja – boy/guy/man 2. 컴터 – 컴퓨터 – computer 3. ㅇㅇ […]

Defamation in Korea: “The truth is not a defence”