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Koreanized : Best and Most Effective Korean Hashtags On Instagram

nstagram or hashtags needs no explanation. According to Facebook Korea, in 2015, Instagram users in Korea grew at a rapid pace, so rapid it grew at the fastest pace worldwide. That tells you everything you need to know about Instagram in Korea and how huge it has become. The importance of adding the right Korean […]

Defamation in Korea: “The truth is not a defence”

Korea Life: Best Chatting and Social Media apps in Korea

t’s not hard to imagine getting bored or even lonely as a foreigner living abroad. With major social media apps today, some of these apps may be unknown to the foreigners’ community in Korea. There are Korean social media apps to meet people, make friends, socialize, exchange language and culture and even date in Korea. […]

Defamation in Korea: “The truth is not a defence”

Korea Life: 5 Characteristics of Foreigners in Korea You May Dislike

It isn’t uncommon for people especially in a foreign place and country to develop certain characteristics, and foreigners here in Korea are no exception. If you have lived in Korea, perhaps you already possess some of these characteristics. After extensive research, we put together a list of some of the most common characteristics of foreigners […]

Defamation in Korea: “The truth is not a defence”

Living in Korea: Top 10 Rude Questions Asked to Foreign Guys By Korean Men

1. “How big is your d*ck? I heard foreign guys have bigger d*cks” How does one justify asking a random stranger a question like that? Forget being of a different nationality and culture, a Korean guy asking another random stranger who happens to be Korean as well still would be considered extremely rude. 2. “How […]

I’m Not Good Enough: Body Image According to Korean Beauty Standards