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I’m Not Good Enough: Body Image According to Korean Beauty Standards

’m pear-shaped and all the females in my family have wide hip bones, i.e. no matter what diet I follow or how many hours I spend exercising, I cannot have thin thighs that don’t touch. Well, that never bothered me. I never noticed my thighs were any bigger than other people, especially with all the […]

Hell Joseon: Questionable Aspects of Korean Education in Dramas & Films

s a teacher and someone whose life revolves around education, the presentation or representation (not going through the nuances of both words) of the Korean education in dramas and films have always fascinated me and drove me to write a number of articles on the topic. As fascinated as I might be with the media’s […]

Three Korean Dramas About Slavery in Joseon (Video)

bserving how fast the world is evolving and how blurry the limits of the human thought and behaviour are becoming, one almost forgets that not long ago people were divided into classes according to their birth situation and had to live their entire lives according to a manual they had no say in making. Korea, […]