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All Donald Trump’s Tweets About Korea Since He Became President

Archive of all Donald Trump's tweets(and retweets) About Korea - North and South Korea - since he became president, in chronological order, from least recent to most recent.

Living in Korea: What Do Foreigners Love About Korea?

he idea of creating Koreanized was to form a community of people with deep interest in Korea, its people and its culture. To share useful updates for expats and foreigners both in and outside of Korea, and we’ve managed to do that in a short period of time. From its inception, both our website and […]

Poll: Why is Kpop So Popular Around the World?

n 2012, Psy dropped Gangnam and it swept through the entire world. Prominent politicians like Barack Obama, David Cameron and Ban Ki-moon were dancing and grooving to Gangnam style. It was the new dance move everyone was dancing to. Celebrities, tv show hosts, everyone – old and young, in every corner of the world was […]

Trust Nobody: Koreanized Exclusive Interview With Crown J

e sat down with the artist behind “Trust Nobody”, the recently released Korean hip-hop song by rapper Crown J. Koreanized was invited to his home for an exclusive interview. As soon as we got in, it was easy to get a sense of who Crown J is – neat, tidy and very well organized. With […]

Trump: US Could ‘Totally Destroy North Korea” – What People Are Saying

[View the story “Trump on North Korea” on Storify] Koreanized (192)

광복절 – Korea’s Independence day: 10 Facts You Need to Know

n this day 72 years ago, Korea gained independence from Japan and was liberated. 광복절, pronounced Gwangbokjeol, which literally translates to the day light returned, i.e liberation day, means a lot to Koreans all over the world and it’s wildly celebrated as the day Korea freed itself from the clutches of Japan’s rule. Even though independence was […]

Interesting Facts: 20 Facts About President Moon Jae-in

ince October last year, former president Park Geun-hye has endured a tumultuous time. From calls to step down from the opposition party to finally getting impeached – making Korean history by becoming the first Korean president to be removed from office – and finally landing in jail as inmate 503.0 President Moon Jae-in, on the […]