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Koreanized is run by a team of Koreans and multicultural professionals who have been living in Korea for all or most of their lives. Before the foreigners on our team moved to Korea, they had little to no knowledge about the beautiful country, where/how to get information, Korea essentials and so much more.  Not a single website incorporated every information, thus began the idea of creating Koreanized. After they moved to Korea and teaming up with native Koreans, we’ve had to search for information on different sites. Every site was one themed, i.e a site for visa and immigration is just that, visa and immigration, nothing else.

Koreanized offers more, so much more. Here on koreanized.com, from our experiences and that of our friends, we have gathered as much as we can to make your time in Korea a pleasant one. Our website categories include Korea life – our most popular category, Koreanized, articles, Korea language, study, trending news and videos, politics, shopping, food, business and more. Koreanized is one of its kind. A truly unique website with tonnes of information about Korea and about living in Korea

For enquiries and ads placement, email me – admin@koreanized.com

Let’s get Koreanized!

Mission statement – To bridging the gap between Korea and the rest of the world

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